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Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System

airfield lighting

Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System

Ensure airfield safety & ground trafic fluidity.

Our  airfield lighting control & monitoring system is open, adaptable and meets the operational constraints of international CAT III airports as well as regional airports.

The architectures relies on PLC with an IT architecture based on client workstations & redundant servers. All features are totally configurable to meet the needs of both the runways & taxiways controllers and the maintenance requirements.

Airfield Lighting System

Individual Light Control & Monitoring System (ISAC)

Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring Systems are designed to guide pilots during takeoff, landing or taxiing.

Airfield Lighting plays a crucial role as it is the one & only visual aid under bad weather conditions and poor visibility.

Nowadays, commercial airports use this state-of-the art technologies in order to safely and optimally control the increasingly complex operating procedures of the airport. Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring Systems used on runways, taxiway and stop bars are deployed over most of the airports around the world.

ALPHA-CIM developed ISAC, the Individual Light Control & Monitoring System. The ISAC airfield system ensures ground traffic guidance and monitoring provided by “Follow the Green” solution. It also controls and monitors the stop bars and manages A-SMGCS.
The ISAC technology is the most efficient solution on the market. The fibre optic is a preferred mean of transmission that allows:

  • Ultra-high communication speed
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interferences or from AGL primary cable ageing or change of airfield cabling

Our ISAC solution relies on non-proprietary protocols to allow interoperability with the existing installation.

Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring Challenges :

Ensure a smooth ground traffic of aircrafts

Avoid misunderstanding between pilots and control

Secure hot spots in bad weather conditions

Reduce global risk in low visibility conditions

Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System :

Uprgade your communication speed

Provide a trustworthiness airfield lighting system

Prevent from runway incursion

Enhanced visibility of runway hold points & stop bars

ISAC Airfield Lighting System


Smart stop bar & lead-on control system.

The only Fibre Optic system on the market

ISAC is the only airfield lighting control & monitoring system equiped with fibre optic on the market.

Compared to the systems not using fiber otpic, ISAC is more responsive and reliable, it ensures an excellent response time, it is much more easy to implement, it suits for incursion and ASMGCS, it is expandable at will by airports’ personnel and it is a no proprietary system that allows to connect with all your current installations.

Ethernet TCP/IP

Auto Configuration



> Solution based on industry standards to allow a high-level of maintenance


> long-term, scalable, open and easily integrated solution


> Optimal response time


> Redundancy: fibre optic and Ethernet 

ISAC récompensé prix interDATA

ISAC, elected winner of the category interDATA

ISAC wins interDATA prestigious award at inter airport Europe 2019.

LISAC was granted this price during the Innovation Awards of the famous trade show inter airport Europe in Munich, seeing off strong competition to secure the accolade.

The inter airport Europe awards acknowledges the airport industry’s best recent innovations.

This prize confirms ALPHA-CIM’s commitment to developing innovative and smart softwares for airports all over the world. 

Airfield Lighting Photometry & Maintenance

FB Technology

Our affiliate, FB Technology, is the world leader of airfield photometry and provides a large range of products to comply with ICAO & FAA standards and recommendations for runway, taxiway, apron, approach, PAPI or airfield signs lights.

It also develop maintenance products to be used in workshop or directly on the field such as lights cleaning equipment.

Airfield Lighting FB Technology

Airfield Lighting Photometry

FB Technology Airfield Lighting

 Airfield Lighting Maintenance


 Retro Reflective Markers