Passenger Boarding Bridge SCADA & Automation – Oslo Int. Airport

Supervision & automatisation des passerelles

6 questions to Odd Arne Rosand 

Construction Supervisor at Avinor

What was the development context of Oslo International airport?

The airport was expanding from 22 million annual passengers to 38 million. In this phase, we built a new terminal “Pier North” housing 12 new jetways’s from CIMC Tianda.
Our goal was to invest in both the best solution for the airport handling and cost-effective maintenance.

The SCADA system is now alive thanks to Arnaud Edouart and Christophe Van Nieuwenhuyse, ALPHA-CIM’s project manager & engineer, which made a significant effort to see this through.

What do you think about the design of ALPHA-CIM’s software interface (HMI)?

The HMI is intuitive and with good vizualization. 

How has the SCADA & automation system impacted your daily work?

The SCADA system is situated in the operations room of the technicians and is a tool they daily use to prepare the day and prevent from anomallies.

By using this ALPHA-CIM’s system, can you measure any reduced costs, improvements in productivity or time saving?

Of course. The system helps to plan the day and to get an overview of what’s coming. 

Finally, how would you resume your collaboration with ALPHA-CIM during the project?

It is prooven that ALPHA-CIM has the knowledge and is a company that is flexible so that the customer can be assured to get the product they specify.

Passenger Boarding Bridge


– AVINOR is the owner of all major & small commercial airports in Norway.

– AVINOR is o
wned by the Norvegian government.

– Odd Arne Rosand’s role on the project was construction supervisor of all mechanical installations (including PBB, VDGS & BHS).

– Approximately 1 000 people work around PBB at Oslo Int. airport.